These terms when used in questions simply require you to mention what you are asked.
Note the following question.
Identify ONE industry to which the farming of citrus can be linked.
The answer to this question simply requires that you mention:
Food canning industry
Beverage making industry
Food production example restaurants or jam making, pickling and so on.
You are expected to give a brief explanation of the concepts.
Note this question.
State TWO activities that have contributed to the
development of small business in your country.
1. The government of Jamaica through its various agencies has provided opportunities for individuals to obtain loans.
2. Many individuals in recent times have been made redundant from their jobs, and have used the funds obtained from their settlement to finance small business operations.
3. There are many institutions within the country that offer courses that assist persons in developing skills in a variety of areas, for example: catering, dressmaking and tailoring, computer skills, welding and so on. Many persons upon completion of these courses have been motivated to set up their own business operations or go into business with others.
Distinguish between / Contrast
Here you need to tell the differences between two or more concepts. It is important in giving your answer that you use certain linking phrases to show the difference between the concepts for example: on the other hand, while, but, however, etc.
Note the answer to the following question.
Distinguish between the term BALANCE OF PAYMENTS and BALANCE OF TRADE.
Balance of payments examines the total financial transactions of a country during a one year period. It examines the indebtedness of a country to its trading partners or the surplus that may be earned during the year. On the other hand the balance of trade is just one feature of the CURRENT ACCOUNT of the balance of payments accounts namely the difference between a country�s exports and imports in GOODS ONLY.
Here you are asked to highlight similar features of the concepts.
Compare and Contrast
You are expected to give not only similarities but also differences in the concepts or principles asked.
You are expected to give a thorough explanation of the principles in a logical order. Unless you have been given a qualifying term like �briefly� you must give a clear, logical, well-developed description of the concepts asked.
There is one common thread involved in questions using these terms. You must be able to examine the positive and the negative aspects of the issue at hand and present them in a well reasoned out fashion.
You must present points for and against the issue or issues to be discussed. You must advance both sides of the issue. Candidates usually answer this type of question poorly. Usually explanations are given without any attempt to discuss both sides of the issues.
These questions may appear to give you the liberty to come up with your own ideas. However, care must be exercised in basing your answers on principles of business related to the question and not on your personal ideas or grouses. Make sure that your answers are relevant to the question asked. In addition, if your question asks that you relate your answer to a firm, an industry, a particular principle of insurance or a CARICOM country make sure that you do so. Avoid using other examples. STICK TO WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN ASKED. Failure to do this could cost you valuable marks.


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